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Signage Saved: Prof. Plaza's Neon Hammer to be Preserved

[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Few will mourn the loss of Professional Plaza when it's torn down for a new medical building. At the same time, several readers have voiced concern over its famous neon signage, which depicts a hammer whacking a nail/carrot/martini, depending on who you talk to).

According to Dr. Robert Frank, CEO of the Wayne State University Physician Group, the signage will be spared. "Rest assured, the famous hammer and nail will be preserved," said Frank via email. "Demolition is projected to begin this May."
What exactly will happen to the signs hasn't been decided, but similar artifacts tend to end up as decor for nearby bars or restaurants. It wouldn't look out of place—that nail really does look like a martini.
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Professional Plaza

3800 Woodward, Detroit, mi