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Duggan Takes the Edge off Detroit's Ridiculous Property Taxes

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In an effort to get somebody, anybody to pay their property taxes in Detroit, Mayor Duggan has tweaked the city's methodology for assessing property values. The result should be a 5 to 20 percent tax cut for the "average Detroit homeowner" this summer. According to the city's press release, a study of their own undertaking concluded that in NW Detroit alone, most homes had been overassessed by a "minimum of twenty percent." But that is only the beginning, Detroiters, for Duggan promises that a city-wide reassessment (the first since the 1960s) will produce even "fairer" property tax bills in 3-5 years. Of course, even when your home's diminished value is made official, it will still be used to charge the highest tax rates of any major city in America.
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