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Experience the Adrenal Rush of Parking at the Z Lot

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The pyramids of Egypt. The Panama Canal. Stonehenge. All of these human achievements pale in comparison to the Z-Lot, apparently. Dan Gilbert's new parking deck officially opened today, and the gushing press release claims the advanced amenities will change everything we know about parking downtown. "The Z isn't just a place to park, it is a unique destination," said Dan Mullen, VP of Development at Bedrock. "People will come from near and far to see."

We already wrote admiringly about the LED lighting, so let's skip that section. And the art. The only real news is the payment system, which is refreshingly tech savvy.
Ticketless/cashless parking: The Z-Lot will take credit. Credit! For whatever reason, downtown's parking garages tend to shy away from technology invented decades ago (we're looking at you, Compuware.) The Z Lot will only take credit, and no tickets are required. Swipe to get in, swipe to get out.
QR Code Validation: Future Z Lot retailers will be able to send parking validations to your phone in the form of QR codes.

Is your mind blown? Probably not, but it's certainly an improvement from the norm. Bedrock also hints that an announcement concerning the retail space is on the way.
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The Z Lot

Library and Gratiot, Detroit, MI