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Amazing Art Moderne Estate Asks $299K in Palmer Woods

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Palmer Woods continues to impress, producing yet another architecturally delicious listing. Louis G. Redstone designed this Art Moderne estate in 1938 for Tom Borman, founder of the defunct Farmer Jack supermarket chain. Redstone's design philosophy was simple: Art should be an integral part of a building, both inside and out.

The Basics:
3072 square feet/4 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms
There are a lot of cool design features to this one. The entire roof is slate, except for that of the garage, which serves as a giant roof deck/balcony. Three of the four bedrooms have access to private balconies, offering several vantage points to look out over the double lot.
Inside, the the cornered windows and the unique staircase (check out those railings!) are both drool-worthy. Downstairs, look for hardwood flooring, a cozy kitchen, and a finished basement.

· Palmer Woods Art Moderne Home [CLD]