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The First 2014 Heatmap; Rodin Nears Closure; Atwater In The Park Preps For April Opening

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DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— There's a brand new Heatmap up, the first for 2014. There are some newcomers on the list, some omissions, and there are also a few restaurants who have fought their way back to the top after being booted.

MIDTOWN— It's big news, Rodin is closing and Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes is taking it's spot. Rodin lost chef Kate Williams a little while back, and it's not much of a surprise that the doors are closing. It is interesting, however, that Good Girls is taking over the large corner location, and adding Rodin's liquor license to boot. It's happening fast too, as all this is supposed to take place in the next two weeks or so.

DETROIT/METRO DETROIT— Eater Detroit's End Of Year Survey answers to to year's most burning questions have been posted. Discover the best meals of 2013, restaurant break ups, the best headline predictions for 2014, and so much more.

WEST VILLAGE— In a surprise move, Craftwork decided to open last weekend, and so far the Yelp reviews have been extremely enthusiastic, except for one grumpy Royal Oak resident who gave a measly one-star.

MEXICANTOWN— The newest Eater Detroit Mini Map features five of Mexicantown's best restaurants, no tourist traps or Tex Mex guaranteed.

GROSSE POINTE PARKAtwater In The Park, Atwater Brewery's next big expansion, is taking shape. There is currently lots of construction, big plans for drinking, brewing, and even distilling, and a proposed opening date of April 1st.