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New Hotel, Residential High Rise Proposed for Statler Site

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When Detroit (stupidly) demolished the Statler Hotel in 2005, it left yet another hole in downtown Detroit's urban fabric. But now, amidst the building boom downtown, it sounds like there's real interest in building anew. According to the Detroit News, a group of investors wants to buy the property a mixed-use development featuring a boutique hotel, residential space, and a parking garage.

There aren't a ton of details, but the plan calls for a 118-room boutique hotel of the Joie de Vivre brand. If you're wondering what those words were, Joie de Vivre is the country's second largest chain of boutique hotels.

There's no word on how much residential space is involved, only mention of a "high rise residential complex." Sounds a lot like the David Whitney Building's setup, where apartments and the Aloft Hotel brand are sharing the same structure. The plan also calls for an 800-space parking garage. It sounds pretty ambitious for a new construction project, but they're at least well-funded enough to offer Detroit $1.5M for the property.
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