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This Heavenly, Three-Story Penthouse Floats High Above Downtown Detroit

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The RenCen Marriott is taller, shinier, and bigger. But the Book Cadillac wears the crown as Detroit's classiest, most exclusive hotel. For some, it's a posh place to crash during a business trip. For a select few, the building is a luxurious, full-service home.

And for no one at all, it's a three-story penthouse overlooking the entire city.

Unit 2905 isn't the only penthouse at the Book Cadillac, but it scored the best architectural territory in the building. While other penthouse units line the main building's top floor, this one is atop the interior "machine tower." Safely behind the main facade, this one was given dozens of huge windows.

Inside, you'll find three bedrooms and a huge master suite. The vast living spaces include most of the first floor (labeled "dining room/living room"), followed by the official living room and a study on the second.

Asking $1.1M, this unit is awaiting a custom design from the future buyer. What would you do in here, commenters? Something contemporary? Traditional? We'd probably just order room service (residents get a 20% discount!) and stare out the windows for years on end. Next time you're hitting happy hour at Roast, know that this tri-level heaven is unoccupied and waiting, just floors 29 floors above.
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The Residences At The Westin Book Cadillac

1135 Shelby, Detroit, Michigan 48226