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Grosse Pointe Gets Tacos; Bucharest Corktown Opening Approaches; La Feria's Weekly Specials; More!

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Anthology Coffee Class Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

CORKTOWN— After almost a year, the Corktown location of Bucharest Grill is still not open and no opening date has been announced, but they teased that they'll be opening the new spot "soon" in a post on their Facebook page last night, inciting a frenzy of questions and speculation.

GROSSE POINTE FARMS— There's a new taco bar coming to the Pointes this summer, called Torito, and it's owned by the same folks who own Red Crown. They're testing out part of the new menu at Red Crown this weekend.

DETROIT— There's a new Mini Map this week featuring some of the best places in the city of Detroit to find pastries of all kinds, from paczki to pie, Mexican to Greek, it's all here.

CORKTOWNAnthology Coffee has started weekly free classes, which are open to the public. Check out photos of their first class of the year.

MIDTOWNLa Feria is offering up a rotating selection of weekly specials, including paella on Tuesdays. Check out the list and plan dinner outings accordingly.

DETROIT— It's another Eater Poll, and this one is all about the new restaurants that will (hopefully) be opening in the city this year. Currently Selden Standard, chef Andy Hollyday's new project, is winning by a large margin, but voting is still open.