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More Capitol Park Residents Receive Eviction Notices

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Just a few months after Bedrock Real Estate Services was declared the new building manager at 1215-1217 Griswold, residents are being told to hit the road. According to a tipster, residents recently received eviction notices describing "issues with the fire marshall," before issuing a move-out deadline of February 28.

The old building contains a rough collection of huge loft spaces, many of them designed and built by the residents themselves. An issue with the fire marshall doesn't sound far-fetched, but we're guessing the ownership (Bedrock partner Jim Ketai) won't be upset to lose the low-rent tenants.

Just across the park, the hundreds of senior citizens inside the Griswold Building are facing the same headwinds of gentrification. Purchased by a development company in early 2013, the Griswold Building is already renovating into market rate apartments. The remaining seniors must be out by the end of March. Check out our updated Capitol Park map for the latest on every building.
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1217 Griswold, Detroit MI