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One Detroit Center Erects Giant LED Sign for Skyscraper Selfies

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One Detroit Center just installed an 8'x13' LED sign out front, presumably to advertise itself. Mind you, we're talking about Michigan's tallest office tower—a 45-story column of glass and steel. Even the website claims that the building "commands attention." Does it really need a massive LED screen to draw people in, like a carwash or a McDonalds? And what sort of messages might it display? "Look up! That's a giant skyscraper called One Detroit Center," or "Next time you're headquartering a major corporation, do consider One Detroit Center's terrific bathrooms."

According to Crain's, the sign's ribbon cutting will happen sometime tomorrow. Will the images change after that? If so, let's hope they dive into the website's gallery titled "Immaculate Mechanicals," which features 16 photos of colorful plumbing.

One Detroit Center

500 Woodward, Detroit, 48226