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The Polar Vortex Struck The Broderick Tower. On The Inside!

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These photos, taken by a helpful Broderick Tower resident this evening, show the burst pipe situation in the hallway, which turned into a frozen building filled with icicles situation very quickly. Residents received an email from the building management explaining that a pipe had burst and there was major flooding in the basement. As of this afternoon the power was out and the elevators were out of service. Currently lights are out in most of the staircase areas. Another resident emailed Curbed Detroit this morning to confirm that it was 40 degrees in her apartment and that the halls looked like a "Winter Wonderland." This former office tower underwent renovations into a residential building with the first residents moving in in the fall of 2012. [CurbedWire Inbox]
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Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226