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Rehab Facility Planned For Opulent $1.6M Fisher Mansion

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Some California "spiritual retreat" hippies have gotten their hands on the Alfred Fisher Mansion and they want to make it into a bougie rehab facility. Can't Detroit allow an elitist opulent private residence to be just that already? The suburbs get them! This group paid $1.6 Million for the home to open a "Breathe Life Healing Center" where a self-help guru will call the place home. While rehab facility means one thing here in Detroit, please note we're using a California definition, so clients will be treated for things like over-eating, caffeine addiction, and something called "failure to launch." So no, it's no methadone clinic. Also this is all Dan Gilbert's fault.

According to the Detroit News, the spiritual guru leader of this operation said

he is moving to Detroit because Quicken Loans founder and real-estate magnate Dan Gilbert convinced him that "opportunity and need intersect in Detroit." In job creation news, Breathe Life will host a job fair to hire 20 staff members.
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Alfred Fisher Mansion

1771 Balmoral, Detroit, MI 48203