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New Owners to Rehab Corktown's Imagination Station House

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Major changes are headed for a quirky Corktown landmark. After 4 years with the nonprofit Imagination Station project, the house known as "Righty" will transform from lovable ruin into a livable home. According to a post on the Imagination Station Facebook page, ownership has been transferred to a couple committed to total renovation. Installation of a new roof is planned before the end of the year.

Built in 1880, Righty is the last surviving home bordering Roosevelt Park and Michigan Central Station, which it pre-dates by over 30 years. The house nearly burned down in the 2012 fire that claimed Lefty, the other Imagination Station house next door.
Correction: Righty's year of construction was originally reported as 1900. It was actually 1880.
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Imagination Station

2230 14th Street, Detroit, MI