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For The First Time Foreclosure Notices Go To Every Tax Delinquent Property: 70,000 in Detroit

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The annual Wayne County tax auction sells off properties in foreclosure for three years or more of unpaid taxes. But the county has not, until this point, foreclosed on every property eligible for tax foreclosure. They've let many go, in a system of undecided fairness, or not. But all that is set to change under Mayor Duggan with an aggressive plan to notify all 80,000 county property owners that they are at the risk of foreclosure. Of that, 70,000 properties are in Detroit.The news comes via Motor City Muckraker, who spoke to the treasurer. It is important to note that a foreclosure notice does not mean the property will be lost to the tax auction for sure: the process can get owners paying their bills. The county is using registered mail and regular mail notifications as well as crews that knock on doors and post signs to let at-risk property owners know.
· Wayne County begins foreclosure process on a whopping 80,000 properties [Motor City Muckraker]