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City Place Apartments Claims to Have "Luxury Suites"

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We need to talk about the definition of "luxury" in Detroit real estate. City Apartments' Craigslist add promises "NEW LUXURY SUITES next to Lafayette Park," but is only correct about the park-adjacent location. Just because the building has a fitness center (it does) and an elevator does not mean it is a luxury building. The apartment shown does appear clean, recently renovated, and has nice wood floors. But it also has vertical blinds, a boring bathroom, and a "laundry facility," which means the washer and dryer are not in your apartment. The building offers studios and one-bedrooms, falling far short of anything approximating a penthouse. Luxury should be a bit more aspirational and this does nothing for us. So if you want a pretty standard apartment with standard mid-level apartment stuff, this building has units renting for $729.
· City Place Apartments [Official]
· $729 NEW LUXURY SUITES next to Lafayette Park (1600 Antietam Ave) [Craigslist]