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100-Year-Old GM Building Purchased For a Brewery

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Quick! Who is good at commercial real estate guessing games? We have confirmation that a 100-year-old General Motors building has been purchased by Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo in "Game of Thrones." But his reps have not said where the building is or released any photos. Momoa intends to use it for a brewery and may be working with New Holland Brewery. We know that it is 9,000 square feet. It may have sold in September or even earlier. Do you know what building he bought? Tell the tipline or leave a comment.

UPDATE: Several tipsters inform us the building is actually in Pontiac. That will be a huge let down if true. Someone talk to this actor's spokesperson about Michigan geography.
· 'Game of Thrones' star Jason Momoa, tied to Aquaman rumors, buys Detroit building for brewery [MLive]