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Crazy 23,000 SF Corktown Space Loses $250K From The Ask

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When this Corktown space decided to price chop it was not messing around. Overnight the ask dropped from $550K down to $299,900. Still too high? Last we checked there were unpaid taxes to the tune of $30,000. But you can't beat this building for having a unique history. There was a drug raid here in 2012 and the Freep reported "In all, 46 individuals were cited and 25 vehicles were impounded. Various amounts of cocaine and marijuana were confiscated, as well as one handgun." All in all, it is a pretty stellar location. Has anyone seen the inside?
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· 2150 BAGLEY Street [Century 21]
The "Bagley Vision" Building [Corktown History Blog]

Corktown Historic District

Wabash St., Detroit, MI 48216