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Giant Former Corktown Meat Packing/Slaughterhouse Listed

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

With an address less than five blocks away from Roosevelt Park and the train station, this is some pretty prime real estate that knows a thing or two about prime rib. The commercial building offers up 25,000 square feet, which is the former Corn Belt Beef packing plant, and comes with many unique amenities. There is cold storage, a USDA approved facility with 12 foot tile walls, refrigerated space, freezer space, food processing space, a slaughter house, livestock bins, a huge fenced parking lot, and a three slot loading dock. As a bonus, you get all the equipment from the meat packing business, even the trucks! Of course nothing in Corktown comes cheap these days so the ask is $499,999.

· O'connor Realty [Official]
· 2380 20th St [Trulia]