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Run-Down Tom Boy Market To Be Replaced By High End Retail

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A dilapidated corner market in midtown is dunzo thanks to Midtown's high-end retail rush. Arguably, it all started with Shinola, a high-end bikes and watches shop. Then we got high-end clothing (Willys) and an announcement about a high-end barber shop (Fellow Barber). Today Tom Boy market had "Store Closed" notices posted and a Midtown Inc rep confirmed that the building would become home to high-end retail.

Mindtown Inc would not release the name of the brand. Tom Boy had previous been listed on the market for $650K. A sales price was not given, but in any case the owners are likely relieved, if this Metro Times article is any indication of the experience of owning that place. In 2009, it was called a place where "bums, beggars, hookers and drug dealers have gathered for years."
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