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The GAR Building Will Reveal Renovation Progress November 8

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard show the renovation progress in September]

The three-year renovation process of the Grand Army of the Republic building (downtown's castle) is nearing the end. Next month, on November 8, the GAR building will host a special preview opportunity for the public to see how far it has come. The benefit event requires tickets and marks the first time that the building will be opened to the public in more than 30 years. Once finished, the owners of the building which operate the firm Mindfield will move into the building, leaving an office in the Library Lofts building. All four floors will be open and the event includes a preview of the soon-to-open Republic Tavern and Parks and Rec Diner which will be on the first floor of the building.
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The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226