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Tour the David Whitney Apartments and Hotel Rooms

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The view from an apartment with a courtyard view.
The view from an apartment with a courtyard view.

[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

If you've already perused the David Whitney leasing site, photos of the model apartment unit on the 18th floor are not new to you. The model unit was completed in September. But this week's media tour finally revealed what the interior courtyard views really looked like. Behold! A lot of very comtemplative white space. Calming? Yes? As exciting as the spaces with clear views into Comerica Park? Well not everyone is a sports fan. The 18th floor hallway, pictured, shows the character of the office building is in tact and rather lovely. Apartments have nicely detailed doors and windows.

The David Whitney has revealed their Aloft hotel rooms and they are thankfully less cookie-cutter than you would expect for a large chain hotel operation. We're not entirely sure they're a "boutique" vibe in here, but there certainly isn't one at any other downtown Detroit hotel, either. So it is all relative. Curbed toured a model hotel room and the ground floor space which Aloft will operate as a lounge and bar. They will have some lovely historic tile flooring to work with as the settle on the rest of the decor for that space.
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David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226