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Fort Wayne Might Finally Be Headed for Redevelopment

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Photos by Nick Hagen.

Over in Delray, where the proposed NITC bridge to Canada is supposed to land in America, Fort Wayne's 96 acres are going under-used. But that could change. The Michigan Economic Development Corp. put out a call for proposals to do a "feasibility and land use study" which might lead to redevelopment. They were due last month and as of now we have no idea who sent in materials.

As we've said before, this area's history is not about connecting to Canada, it is about trying to keep the British from attacking us via Canada. Fort Wayne was built as a base while America was warring with the British to free Canada from their control (the conflict was resolved before the Fort could start firing cannons).

It later had a role in American Civil War (1861) and remained used by the military until the 1920s. During the Great Depression, it housed homeless families; after the 1967 Detroit riots displaced families, it had another stint as housing with some staying there up until 1971. The property was slowly turned over to the city, and from 1949 until 2006, the Detroit Historical Museum operated a military museum there; currently various parts are rented out for events.

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Historic Fort Wayne

650 S Livernois Avenue, Detroit, MI 48209