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Someone Is Trying to Sell A Group Home For $150K Cash

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Looking to run a rehab facility, a hostel, or a dorm? A large group home in Hamtramck* is being offered up for $150,000 via craigslist. It has 20 single bedrooms, four community bathrooms, meeting areas, a cafeteria and a commercial kitchen. There are two large suites on the third floor for the manger/spiritual guru/babysitter that runs the joint. There is no parking and the listing states "Terms: CASH DEAL... Land Contract is NOT an option." As there is no address given, we're not entirely sure this building is in Hamtramck* or Michigan, or earth. If you have seen it and can confirm it is a real thing that exists, let us know.
· $150000 / 8br - 6812ft² - ♥ Mixed Use - 20 "Single Bdrm" Facility (Hamtramck) [Craiglslist]