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Not-Foreclosed Home in Green Acres is Even Better

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Earlier this week we brought you a foreclosed home on Renfrew Road asking $114,900. We then heard from an anonymous source that had previously placed an offer on the home. The email explained that "there is a ton of work that Realtor left out of the listing, like the fact that the basement was full of water for several months after scrappers tore the pipes out of the basement and all the bank did was pull the drywall out. The wood that was left in the basement is dry-rotted out and needed to be replaced." The would-be buyer, who walked away, said that two appraisals come back at $80K.

So if you are attached to the idea of Renfrew Road, we have a better idea. This new listing asks $118,500 and it is not in foreclosure. It is 1,443 square feet with four bedrooms, three fireplace, and a study. If it also has dry rot in the basement, please someone email us so we can give up already.
· 20044 Renfrew Road, Detroit, MI [Estately]
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