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The Forest Arms Renovation Is Really Happening Now

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[Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

The Forest Arms building, which is being redeveloped by Scott Lowell (owner of midtown's Traffic Jam and Snug restaurant), has seemingly seen a few construction false starts (financing is blamed). But at long last there are crews working daily to restore the building which burned in a 2008 fire. The building's mix of 70 apartments will have two-bedrooms, and one-bedrooms.

As of last week Lowell estimates that the structural work is 89% finished. The building will have two commercial units for rent, one of which Third Wave Music is pursuing. Lowell plans for a bit of that trendy green technology, which will include a reclaimed water collection system to flush the toilets and solar panels on the roof. Lowell owns many midtown apartment buildings including the Beethoven, The Blackstone, and that house next to the Bronx Bar where Model D is located. This is his biggest renovation project so far.

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