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Video: Garbage Hurled From Michigan Building's Top Floor

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The Michigan Building, home to one of the world's most famous parking garages, has only been in the hands of Dennis Kefallinos for a few months, but the longtime Detroit property baron is already making a splash. More like a crash, actually. A tipster sent us video footage taken last week, which allegedly captures construction crews casually tossing debris out of a 13th floor window towards a dumpster below. At night. Next to an open sidewalk.

The original video contains several minutes of footage, but we edited it for length. Our tipster, who wishes to remain anonymous, included the following message:

For the last two days workers at The Michigan Building have been throwing debris out of the 13th floor into a dumpster without a garbage chute, some of which has landed on the sidewalk. The police told me that they're sure the workers will pick it up off the sidewalk, so I needn't worry. OSHA tells me they're definitely violating multiple protocols....In any case, pedestrians may currently be killed by falling debris at Bagley and Grand River.

Kefallinos purchased the building earlier this year and intends to convert the parking garage, which was once the opulent Michigan Theatre, into an event space.
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