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Things Look Soggy Inside the State Savings Bank Building

The State Savings Bank was saved from demolition last year, but that hasn't kept the owner, Canadian investor Andreas Apostolopoulos (Apop, for short), from brazenly neglecting the place. A Preservation Detroit newsletter recently mentioned rumors of water being allowed inside the building, so we grabbed a camera and took a look.

It would seem that Apop is attempting the tried 'n true Demolition By Neglect strategy, which can be thwarted with proper intervention. Should you wish to help save one of downtown's more important pieces of history, Preservation Detroit recommends a course of action:
1. Raise awareness by tweeting the problem to Mayor Duggan (@MayorMikeDuggan) using hashtags #SaveSSB and #APOPSTOP.
2. Contacting local representatives, a list of which can be found here.

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