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Goebel Beer Mansion Lights Up Indian Village with $615K Ask

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[Photography by Scott Gaffan]

This Indian Village beauty was built for Fritz Goebel, founder of the old Goebel Brewing Company. Goebel beer would later skip town with Strohs, but Detroit was still a beer haven when Fritz had Chittenden & Kotting design this place in 1910.
Beer lineage aside, the mansion just stormed the market with a price tag of $615K, second only to its neighbor just down Seminole Street. In addition to five bedrooms and bathrooms, the 6,200-square-foot behemoth comes with all the Indian Village amenities one could hope for. There's leaded glass, Pewabic tile, a sizable carriage house, and a third-floor ballroom of such size and openness that a horse might spend a few hours there without feeling claustrophobic.

· Listing: 1480 Seminole [Zillow]