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Detroit's Latest Mega-Mural is a 6,000-Square-Foot Tiger

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[Photos by David "Meggs" Hooke]

Street art is not unique to Detroit, but the Motor City is asserting itself by offering artists creative freedom and mind-blowingly huge canvasses. The city's latest mural can be found in the old industrial neighborhood of Milwaukee Junction, less than 4 blocks from the spot Henry Ford designed the Model T. "Rising Up, Back On The Street" was painted by David "Meggs" Hooke, an Australian artist now based in LA.

Says Meggs:
The amazing city of Detroit welcomed & inspired me, this was my way to give back. The Tiger has been an iconic symbol of the city and past glory for over a century; it is now a symbol of future hope; to 'rise up against great odds'.
"Rise Up" is a nice compliment to Kobie Solomon's Chimara mural, located a few blocks north at the Russell Industrial Center.
· David Meggs Hooke [Official]