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Eight-Bedroom Disaster Mansion Drops Price to $190K

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Things must be pretty rough when an 8-bedroom mansion can't sell for $225K. Demanding "CASH ONLY" and a "TOTAL REHAB," the disaster mansion of Indian Village just chopped its asking price down to $190K, a discount of $35K. How much would you pay for a 6,000-square-foot fixer-upper built in 1914?

We get two things from these photos:
1. The house needs a ton of work (and a thorough scrubbing), but it does come with a two-bedroom carriage house out back. At least you could live out there while fixing up the main house. Have the seller throw in that futon!
2. That green fountain is similar to something found in an equally-old (and even more beat-up) house in Boston Edison, which had its own Pewabic tile solarium. (It was better-looking than this one.)

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