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RenCen Finally Lures Something Semi-Exciting: Its Own Brewery

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[Renderings via Granite City]

Finally, a hint of excitement is coming to the stuffy restaurant/retail assortment at the Renaissance Center. Granite City Brewery, a chain "craft beer and american food" joint, just grabbed 16,000 square feet in the RenCen's northwest corner.

The restaurant already did a couple things right:
1. Designs include an exterior door and patio. No need to navigate the RenCen's interior labyrinth.
2. It has a realistic ETA: Fall 2015. How honest!
If you can't wait that long, check out the location in Troy for a preview. Or, just take our word that it's a classier joint (not fancy) and the interior decor (wood, exposed rock) has a ski lodge vibe to it.
· Granite City Brewery Chain Comes to RenCen [Det News]

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