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UPDATE: Wigle Skatepark Doomed, Claims City Sold Property

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Say goodbye to The Wig. Shortly after we posted photos of the abandoned recreation center turning into a skate park, organizers suspended their fundraising campaign indefinitely.

Says the Wig's Patronocity page:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wigle Recreation Center is being sold by the city. Community Push and the MEDC is looking for alternative spaces within the city for our future skate park."
The City of Detroit has been hoping to sell the property to developers for some time. Last March, we thought it might be gobbled up by an expansion of the nearby Woodbridge Estates development. That article (found at the link below) includes a map of the Wigle site and a link to the city's RFP. We'll update as more info is made available.
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801 Selden, Detroit MI