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Gilbert Gets Around to Buying the Compuware Building

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Choose the lead more applicable to you: 1) Dan Gilbert now owns the Compuware Building, or 2) Dan Gilbert didn't already own the Compuware Building. However you approach this news, it ends the same way. The 15-story focal point of downtown Detroit (and its gigantic parking garage) is officially Gilbert Country.

Sort of. The final price tag—reportedly about $150M—was split between Dan Gilbert and Meridian Health. You might remember Merdian as the company that dreamt of building its own beige high-rise on Campus Martius. Instead, they'll take 5 floors (and 50% ownership) at the Compuware.

Our big question, however, is this: Since Compuware isn't moving out, will Gilbert rename the the place? (Crain's says a name change is "expected.") As the building from which Gilbert has expanded across downtown Detroit; we have to imagine it holds some symbolic value for him. It's also weird knowing that the 11-year-old landmark could spend most of its life known by an entirely new name. Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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