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Whitney Building & People Mover Will Reunite After 15 Years

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The People Mover station at Grand Circus Park has been an awkward spot since the David Whitney, its connecting building, shut down in 2000. Nearly 15 years later, both structures are preparing for a big reunion in January. While the Whitney applies the finishing touches to its apartments and hotel rooms, the station has been closed since August for a "major renovation."

When the Grand Circus Station reopens in January, it will have ADA access from Washington Boulevard and an interior facelift. The biggest change, however, will be first thing arriving passengers see when getting off the train. Rather than a row of darkened, locked doors, they'll see a bright entrance to the Whitney's grand lobby.
For those not staying at the hotel or living in the apartments, however, we can't guarantee the doors won't still be locked.
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David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226