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Shapero Hall Ends Decade of Neglect, Installs New Windows

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

In its quest to convert Shapero Hall into micro apartments, Boydell Development has already cleared out the patchwork of mangled window frames and plywood that used to make the structure especially unsightly. Calling it "attractive" would still be a stretch, but the new windows are definitely an upgrade. Perhaps Boydell could spare a few to end the rain inside the State Savings Bank Building.

Boydell Development (aka Dennis Kefallinos) bought the ex-Wayne State building in 2007, but left it vacant until interior demolition work began over the summer. The plan calls for 180 micro apartments that'll rent for relatively cheap--just $560 to $700 per month. It's hard to imagine now, but Boydell's timeline calls for this building to be livable in about a year.

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Shapero Hall

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