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$68M Medical/Parking Complex Stirs to Life in Midtown

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[Rendering: Neumann/Smith. Photography: Chris and Michelle Gerard]

All traces of a dreary strip mall have vanished, and the construction of an unnamed 5-story medical monster—complete with towering atrium—is underway in Midtown. Announced nearly a year ago, the $68M project was designed by Neumann/Smith, and will flatten the Professional Plaza (aka "Hammer Hammer Nail") building to make room for a 4-story parking garage.

Cobbling together the bits of information available, we know that the building intends to have street level storefronts and restaurant space, as well as a roof terrace on the third floor. The terrace appears to be in back, behind that strategically-placed tree in the rendering.
For reasons unannounced, the old Professional Plaza building remains standing, even as the new construction begins next door. No word on when it will be demolished, when someone will rescue the cherished hammer hammer nail signage, or even what the future parking garage will look like. The renderings pointedly exclude it. ETA is late 2016.
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Professional Plaza

3800 Woodward, Detroit, mi