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Miniature Forest of 150 Trees Planted on Detroit's East Side

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Detroit's urban tree farm is becoming increasingly hard to miss. After planting 15,000 saplings across twenty acres in the spring, Hantz Woodlands got taller. A few weeks ago, the organization whipped up a small forest of mature Sugar Maple trees near the intersection of Van Dyke and Goethe. The batch of 150 trees, all about 20' tall, is meant to represent what the acres of saplings will look like in a decade . What might it cost to conjure up a forest from thin air? The Detroit News reports a total investment around $100K, though it's noted that the trees could be used to produce maple syrup one day.

In addition to planting trees, Hantz is making progress demolishing about 60 blighted houses located on land bought in 2012. An article in today's Free Press describes the positive effects of one such demolition, with the Hantz VP saying the company plans on "taking one house down a day every weekday for the rest of the year."
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