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Old Fashioned Retail Space to Become New Gallery Downtown

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You wouldn't have known from outside, but a unique retail space was hiding behind an unremarkable facade on Washington Boulevard. Located beneath the Claridge House Apartments, storefront is being converted into the flagship branch of the David Klein Gallery, a well-respected gallery from Birmingham. Crain's has more on the gallery itself, but we wanted a closer look inside.

Despite its blah exterior, Claridge House is actually an old building hidden beneath a steel shell. It's cool to see a small corner of the building still holds some character, since most of the interior was sterilized decades ago. We dove into the Claridge House in 2013.

Google's virtual tour allows you to get a better sense of the space. The tour was recorded in 2013, when the space was occupied by Hillel Books and Imports.

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· David Klein Gallery opening in Detroit [Crains]

Claridge House Apartments

1514 Washington Blvd. , Detroit, MI