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Blocks from Belle Isle, Historic Fixer-Upper Asks Just $26K

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Much of the grandiose architecture that once lined E. Grand Boulevard has disappeared, but some homes still do the street's name justice. This place looks haunted from the outside and the interior suggests a family of goats may have been the most recent occupants. Still, the whimsical architecture (built in 1909) and proximity to downtown and Belle Isle make it worth a closer look.

At 3,174 square feet, the interior includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms (2 full) and a wide-open, finished attic space. Beyond that, the photos paint a battered (though not necessarily scrapped or water damaged) interior. While the ask might be $26,500, WDOT shows the property owing $6,400 in back taxes. Records indicate the owner bought the house for $7,000 in 2008. It's safe to assume some flexibility in the asking price.
· Listing: 475 E. Grand [Trulia]