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(UPDATED) "Coolest" Loft Downtown Has a Private Roof Deck, Tiki Hut

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"COOLEST LOFT DOWNTOWN," is a pretty bold title for a Craigslist ad, but this two-bedroom unit, renting for an absurd $1,950, has reason to be cocky. In addition to the usual industrial loft decor, the unit comes with a corrugated metal bar and a private rooftop tiki hut accessed via spiral staircase. It ain't cheap, logical, or classy, but we'll allow an all-caps "COOLEST." The ad's biggest fault is that the building's location on Woodward/Charlotte, which is much more Midtown than downtown.
UPDATE (10:42AM): The owners of the loft have notified us that the Craigslist ad originally referenced in this post was unauthorized and appears to be the work of a scammer. The official (and caps-free) listing is at the link below.
· 3139 WOODWARD AVENUE [Real Estate One]