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Can Detroit's Abandoned Naval Armory Lure a Developer?

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The scrapped-out tragedy known as the Brodhead Naval Armory is ripe for redevelopment. Crain's reports that the city is drawing up an RFP (request for proposals) to redevelop the limestone giant, which looks over the Detroit River from a lovely spot next to Gabriel Richard Park and the Belle Isle Bridge.
Built in 1930 with an art moderne flair, Brodhead boasted a huge number of WPA murals painted during the Great Depression. Scrappers did their worst after Navy moved out in 2003, and many murals are said to be gone. Crain's implies that the RFP will aim to re-use (rather than demolish) Brodhead, but the city has yet to show its cards.
For a bigger look at the interior, a DetroitUrbex gallery shows just how much stuff has been looted. We also found a YouTube video taken inside.
· Detroit eyes RFPs to refortify Brodhead Naval Armory [Crain's]