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Whitney Building Restores Historic Cornice Lost 55 Years Ago

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We've explored David Whitney Building's new apartments and hotel rooms, gawked at the tremendous lobby, and welcomed 26 lions to the facade. With doors scheduled to open later this month, workers have now finished installing the last major piece of the Whitney's restoration: the new (old) cornice.

Opened in 1915, the Whitney's original cornice was lanced during a 1950s "modernization" that sterilized much of the original facade. That crime was partially rectified on Friday, when workers put the finishing touches on a cornice replicating the building's historic look (see it here). It's nice to see the David Whitney name on the skyline again--the building had looked oddly bald since the old lettering was removed in 2013.
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David Whitney Building

1 Park Avenue, , MI 48226