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HopCat: The First Look Inside Detroit's New Beer Bar

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

Ten months after HopCat announced it was coming to Detroit, the world-class beer bar is making final preparations before opening to the public on Saturday. But you needn't wait that long. After months of tracking the century-old building's painstaking conversion into a 700-seat beer haven, we finally have a tour of the interior. Look for '70s inspired decor, a Cadillac bolted to the wall, and a heated biergarten out back.

HopCat Facts:
· The mahogany bar downstairs is the main bar area.
· Upstairs is the Huma Room, which doubles as a music venue.
· The biergarten deck is heated and can be used year-round.
· Detroit is HopCat's fourth (and largest) location.
· Hopcat Opens Saturday morning with free "Crack Fries" and a record-setting 120-tap takeover by Shorts Brewing Company.
· Relive the journey: All previous HopCat posts can be found here.

Agave Building

4265 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 Visit Website