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$75,000 to Upgrade a Forgotten Park on 8 Mile

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In the armpit of the 8 Mile and I-75 interchange, Knudsen Park is undergoing an unlikely revival. Thanks to $75K in funding from Tom's of Maine and the City of Detroit, the shabby neighborhood park was essentially erased over the summer. Knudsen 2.0 already has new swing sets, a play car, tire swing, a basketball court and the beginnings of the walking path.

The 8 Mile Boulevard Association, which coordinated the overall effort, sees the revived park as a positive gateway for the area. Thousands of cars pass by it every day. Look for grills, picnic tables, fencing, and a human-scale sundial to be installed next. And plenty of trees.
Knudsen Park was named after William S Knudsen, a hero of American wartime production during World War II. No one seems to know why this odd space was chosen to honor him. The blog Cityliterate accurately described it as a "sad little park for a man who changed the world." Signage honoring Knudson is part of the new park plan.
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