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DTE Restores Vacant Salvation Army Building; Mini Campus Martius to Begin Construction Soon

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The former Salvation Army Building—an Art Deco nugget on Bagley Street—has been reborn as Navitas House. After months of renovation, DTE Energy just announced that Navitas (latin for "energy") now has an energy efficient interior and a butterfly garden. Though we haven't seen inside, DTE also claims to have preserved some of the original Art Deco interior, including terrazzo floors, marble bathroom walls, and "historical elements of the main lobby."

While the original plan teased the building as as potential retail or restaurant space, DTE instead converted it into an office for their IT team. In more exciting news, the company also announced that the new park we've been calling Mini Campus Martius will break ground this coming spring. The space was cleared of asphalt and buildings over a year ago.
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