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St. Vincent Rehab Proves Adaptibility of Abandoned Schools

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Last winter, Saint Vincent was without heat or water. Scrappers in search of plumbing had smashed walls and toilets, and electricity was sporadic. Simply converting the school into a habitable and weather-tight space—much less a boutique office building people might willingly work at—seemed like a very tall order.
Today, Saint Vincent's first floor is not only fit for human occupation, but entirely rented out. The former classrooms, the old library, and even the principal's office have become spacious offices/studios for several new tenants.

Saint Vincent was designed not for comfort or charm, but to contain several hundred middle schoolers. The remod tweaked the dark, utilitarian aesthetic to feel more open and industrial. Linoleum tile was peeled off for the concrete underneath. Drop ceilings were removed and bright accent colors added to break up the white paint.
Work will begin on the second floor when things get warmer in the spring. Until then, an effort is underway to create a common lounge space/event area a former classroom on the first floor. Also in line for a revamp: Saint Vincent's old lockers.

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