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Newer Cottage Jumps Onto the Market in North Corktown

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Detroit's real estate market is a weird place. You can easily find a cheap church or a charred pile of garbage, but newer, single-family homes are exceedingly rare. If you filter all listings for standalone homes under 15 years old, just 17 properties (mostly in large developments) are available. Asking $139K, this little red house in North Corktown is an unusual exception.

Built in 2005 on the corner of Harrison and Ash, the house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and over 1,700 square feet. The house's quaint architecture fits in with North Corktown's historic aesthetic. The interior, while less than thrilling, includes a finished basement and more bathrooms than you'll find in most of the neighborhood's 19th century homes.

· Listing: 3145 Harrison []