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Waterfront House on a Detroit Island Asks Just $175K

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A coveted spot on one of Detroit's residential island streets is up for grabs. Surrounded by canals just off of the Detroit River, Harbor Island is loved by boat enthusiasts (all homes have water frontage) and rarely coughs up a listing. The current availability, a boxy three-bedroom house asking $175K, hasn't been on the market since it was built in 1981.

It's easy to miss through all the clutter, but the first floor is entirely wide-open. You can sail from dining room, through the massive kitchen, and on to the living room without passing through a doorway. After a long day at sea, head upstairs to the master bedroom for a soak in the mirrored hot tub next to a roaring (gas) fireplace.
(For a taste of the canals, see a photo tour of neighboring Klenk Island here. )

· Listing: 14540 Harbor Is []