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CityLoft Reveals One Of Downtown's Opulent Retail Spaces

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Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Tuesday, December 23 will be the final day of CityLoft, the Somerset Collection's temporary holiday retail space downtown. If you haven't visited yet this year, it's worth checking out. After setting up in white-boxed storefronts along Woodward for the past six years, nearly 40 retailers filled a huge space at the historic First National Building. The new, partially-gutted setting makes all the difference.

Even if shopping isn't your thing, wandering through the exposed columns underneath the ornate plaster ceiling (exposed during the First National's rehab) is a cool experience. If anything, this year's incarnation of CityLoft is a good reminder of the potential hidden within downtown Detroit's historic retail spaces.
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First National Building

660 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226