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Abandoned Hospital No Longer Haunts Virginia Park

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Virginia Park residents are celebrating the demolition a major chunk of neighborhood blight: the former Hope Hospital building. Previously known as Renaissance Hospital, Hope had just 50 beds when state regulators shut it down in 2010. A burst pipe in 2011 lead to the building's deterioration and subsequent attack from scrappers. According to DetroitUrbex, Hope was the "last of its kind - a hospital owned by minorities, which focused on the healthcare needs of minorities."

A nearby resident sent us the above photos and says neighborhood has high hopes for the property:
"...scrappers had stripped everything of value and its windows hung wide open despite half-hearted attempts to board them up. Earlier this month (November 5, I believe), the city finally began demolition and they have made quick progress taking the building down. Our neighborhood block club has been ecstatic about this development because we have lobbied very hard for this over the past few years."
So what's next? Assuming the city offers the land to developers, residents are hoping for some "historic-style townhouses" to fit in with Virginia Park's impressive homes. The site appears to be about two acres.

DetroitUrbex has the full history of the hospital and a tour of its pre-demo interior at the link below.
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